Oven baked cod in a mustard sauce


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There are always recipes that can be labelled as “traditional” and there are others that can be labelled as more “modern”. Those that can be named as traditional are ones  which ussualy come from generation to generation and they were introduced to me my from my mother and my relatives.

Some others though come up naturally when you try to mix up things when it’s Sunday on your home and have some time to be creative. So how can you be creative in cooking?Well, fish is one place to start with.

I was always a sucker for fish and maybe its because coming from Greece it was always a part of my weekly diet. My mother always had fish for us every Tuesday and maybe on the weekends sometimes as it was easy to find fresh fish in every corner of Athens.

You can find also fresh fish every where in London, even if it is really pricey. You can get easily lots of salmon and cod everywhere in UK but  I have to say they are not some of my favourites.  Cod is traditional eaten in Greece on the 25th of March in a traditional recipe together with garlic sauce – and you can find some more information over here.

Other than that to be honest I find the taste of cod really simple some times and boring. So every time I try to do something to spice it up a little bit.  So taking into consideration of what I had on my fridge I tried to create something a bit more special.

Mustard is something that always exist on my ingredients and  comes from my father who always wanted to have  something spicy.  Add to that tomatoes and capers and you can get something really nice.




  1. 2 fillets of Cod
  2. A small bunch of cherry tomatoes sliced in 2
  3. 2 tbsp of capers
  4. 1 tbsp of dijon mustard
  5. 2 tbsp of olive oil
  6. Salt and Pepper
  7. 1 bunch of parsley finely chopped.
  8. Baking foil
  9. Good freshly baked bread.



  • Take the cod fillets and place them in a big bowl.
  • Add Olive oil, salt and pepper all over them and spread them with your hands.
  • Take 1 large tbsp of mustard and add it in making sure it covers again all of the sides. Leave it on the fridge for half an hour.
  • In your kitchen surface spread the baking foil and place the fillets in the middle. If the fillets are too big maybe you should use additional pieces of foil.
  • Add the chopped cherry tomatoes and  capers, wrap it up from all sides making sure no liquids can escape.
  • Place them in the oven and grill them at 200-240c for 25 minutes approximately.
  • 5 minutes before you remove them cut a nice slice of bread and place in the oven just to grill it a bit. Be careful not to burn it.
  • Place the slice of bread in the middle and sprinkle a bit of olive oil on the top.  Add the slice of cod on the top together with the tomatoes and capers.
  • Sprinkle with the parsley and serve it immediately.

cod with mustard sauce